New Hair!

New Hair!

Now I’m even more of a blonde!


The Lady and The Door

Just an awkward moment…

I saw a lady run into an open door. I know… that seems contradictory, right? Yeah, it confused me too.

So I was at the grocery store and I saw this lady acting kind of shady picking up grocery bags full of gatorade. As soon as she grabbed all the bags she booked it to the exit of the store. The doors start sliding open and they are about 80% open when she slams her whole right side into the right door that is sliding the rest of the way open.

I guess it confused me because the center of the doorway was wide open and instead of walking through the open section… she ops for the right where the door is still moving? If someone was coming towards her to enter it would have made sense that she veered to the right, but she was there, all alone, and ran herself into the door.

On a side note, there are some huge mushrooms that popped up overnight on my lawn. And i’m talking HUGE!

Game night anyone?

Awhile back I bought a bunch of board games in the hopes I would host game nights. That never happened. My games are lonely and they need to be played! 


tacos and cherry coke

I’m trying this thing where I don’t eat out that much, because one it’s cheaper to eat at home and two it’s usually healthier.

However, I can’t seem to pull myself away from del taco… my better half is addicted to their soft tacos and I’m obsessed with their cherry coke.  Help!! 

My stalker is ridiculous

Seriously, my stalker just became really annoying. Creating a fake profile on that certain social media site and then not just harassing me with really offensive comments, but also harassing my friends? C’mon… we’re adults (ish).

Why can’t I just have a nice and non-harassing stalker?

Is that doggie PMS?

So I’ve been housesitting for some friends of mine and last night and this morning I noticed some little blood smudges on the tile and carpet. Naturally I was like “where the heck is this coming from?” and then I realized that it was coming from one of their dogs.

Anytime the dog would move, she would leave a little blood stain in that spot. I checked her out and couldn’t find any open wounds. The only other option is that she’s having a doggie period. That happens, right?

If doggie periods aren’t a real thing than I think we’re in trouble…

And…I’m back!

I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but I always have some sort of weird, awkward exchange with people. Especially people I’m meeting for the first time. 

So years ago, this kid in my math class would get totally weirded out with me anytime he was like “Hey Nicole, what’s up?” because I would literally look up at the ceiling and be like “I’m good, how are you?”

He’s like… “uh, what are you looking at?”

Talk about awkward.