The Lady and The Door

Just an awkward moment…

I saw a lady run into an open door. I know… that seems contradictory, right? Yeah, it confused me too.

So I was at the grocery store and I saw this lady acting kind of shady picking up grocery bags full of gatorade. As soon as she grabbed all the bags she booked it to the exit of the store. The doors start sliding open and they are about 80% open when she slams her whole right side into the right door that is sliding the rest of the way open.

I guess it confused me because the center of the doorway was wide open and instead of walking through the open section… she ops for the right where the door is still moving? If someone was coming towards her to enter it would have made sense that she veered to the right, but she was there, all alone, and ran herself into the door.

On a side note, there are some huge mushrooms that popped up overnight on my lawn. And i’m talking HUGE!


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